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Dr. David Waggoner

Comprehensive family medicine, one patient at a time

“It took a freak accident to open my eyes to the world of medicine. Although it wasn’t a very pleasant experience – neither the accident nor the treatment – I was motivated to turn the experience around. I didn’t want people to be hurt like I had been hurt through indifferent healthcare. That’s why I’ve been devoted to making sure each one of our patients feels special and cared for. I believe that support is crucial to the healing process – whether you have a sprained ankle or a broken spirit. I really feel we can help put people back together again physically and mentally.” “Every day, I’m astounded at what I learn from the people I’m privileged to meet with. Our “treatment” is by no means one-sided. I feel something cathartic happens when I take the time to listen to the people I’m caring for. Whether I’m treating a child or performing laser surgery. I take away something valuable, and something good, from every appointment.”