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Dr. Margaret Cochran

Treating the person, not the diagnosis

Dr. Cochran has been an educator and professional therapist for more than 20 years. Her dynamic and engaging approach has made her a sought after speaker in the areas of personal relationships, business dynamics, personal growth and parenting.

Dr. Cochran's background and experience have given her a unique perspective from which to provide help, insight and healing. With graduate degrees in Education, Social Work and Transpersonal Psychology Dr. Cochran has worked with a wide variety of clients, both individual and organizational. She brings a practical, down to earth approach to tackling problems whether they be organizational, personal or spiritual.

Over the years Dr. Cochran's skills have helped people from every walk of life. Her goal is to facilitate constructive change. To assist people in viewing the world as a place of plenty rather than paucity; finding what it is that keeps people stuck in negativity and giving them the tools to achieve their dreams.

In her own words Dr. Cochran says, "I have a no-nonsense style and teach people not to take themselves too seriously. Everyone who comes to see me is unique, important and special. Everything you do and don't do is important, everything you say and don't say is important and at the same time you need to put on your big girl pants and get over yourself!"

Dr. Cochran is available for personal psychotherapy, educational and motivational talks and seminars on a range of topics from personal and/or organizational development to parenting to romantic relationships and more.